So this weekend I cleaned the TB and intake manifold with amsoil engine foam. Stuff worked great....she smoked decently for about 10 minutes of driving, after that cleared, all the crap was blown out and the car had a bit better top end acceleration. Then I used amsoil engine flush in the oil.....oil came out black as death....... but found no metal deposits or large particles in my drained oil or oil filter after I cut it open. Filled up with new oil and a new filter and ran the engine again to flush out any other crap........let that drain(came out crystal clear btw) and filled with good stuff ,amsoil 5w-30 full synth. and a amsoil oil filter. I didnt expect a huge difference b/c I always have kept the car in pristine condition, but I must say that after using the spray foam and engine flush I did notice a difference in acceleration. Its a bit more snappy when you get on it and the overall power curve feels better. The car just "goes" more, especially in the 65-90mph range. Thought I would just share my thoughts incase anyone was thinking about using these products.