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Ghost in my car!! ahh help

This is a discussion on Ghost in my car!! ahh help within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; It would sometimes die out of nowhere then when i left it alone for like 5 minutes (stuck on the ...

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    Ghost in my car!! ahh help

    It would sometimes die out of nowhere then when i left it alone for like 5 minutes (stuck on the side of the road) it would start. Well My car wouldn't start all last weekend, fuel was at 1/2 tank, would make noise like it was going to start (not the battery) but wouldn't start, towed it to the dealership on monday, and it started fine, no problems, only thing that it threw was a possible mass air flow, problem would happen mostly when car was hot, , well dealership couldn't reproduce the problem car kept starting fine till wednesday, when they took it out and it died on them, then the car threw a bunch of codes, the dealership at first when it wouldn't start thought it was the fuel pump, now they think it might be something electrical, now it's thursday and I still haven't heard from them, it's a chevy dealer *closest to my house* ill give them a call in a bit...

    any suggestions? their taking forever to "diagnose" the problem, I have a warranty so it's not much the cost, more than just the time it's taking them to fix it, and im stuck with no car, car has 100k miles

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    I believe there was a man on here sometime in the past 2 weeks, his son has a 87 trans am i think. He explained the same problem that your having about it running for a while then dying. People came up with alotta answers but none that would definately fix it.. just ideas. I remember someone saying fuel pump, cleaning the fuel lines, plugs, wires, and some other things.

    You could ask that guy what he done to fix his sons car.. The guys name was sweet lou.

    Heres the link to that forum.

    Good luck
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    hey, once they fix it, post up what they did. if it's no hair off your back, then you're in luck.

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    My problem was the starter, it would start sometimes and not others (flat spot on the motor)
    If I banged on the starter while someone was turning the key the car would start.

    Good luck

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