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Getting Ready to buy, advice?

This is a discussion on Getting Ready to buy, advice? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hi guys, this is my first post and I am looking at a 2001 Black Firebird, 6SPD. Title is clean ...

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    Getting Ready to buy, advice?

    Hi guys, this is my first post and I am looking at a 2001 Black Firebird, 6SPD. Title is clean but, since the car is 2 states away, all I have is pictures to go by. It looks really clean as far as I can tell. The dealer has already confirmed that it is not a WS6, and that the previous owner put the hood, bumper, and intake on the car. Has 109k on the odometer and they are asking 10k for it. I've read the "What to look for thread." and copied it so that I might ask questions before I drive out there. I'm just curious if anyone has any extra input/suggestions/opinions etc. This will be my first American made car and my first V8. I am coming from a 2007 Civic Si and a 2006 S2000, both of which where bought for mpg at the time. Now that I am older and making enough money, I want some power. The Firebird is perfect for me, I love the look and the power. I'm not a fan of the Camaro of this generation, I can't stand Ford's 4.6l, and the new 5.0s are too expensive right off the bat. So, I hope this deal will work out and the car is in as good of shape as the dealer claims.

    Thanks for any help!

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    10k sounds pretty steep for a plain old firebird. I just sold my 01 SS M6 with 79k on the clock for 8500

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    I'm sure I can work him down a little bit. But, seeing as 90% of the Birds we have around my area are trashed, I dont think I'll mind paying a little extra for a clean car, if I can't get the price lowered...if this one is as clean as it seams.

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    10k should get you a very nice car maybe a real WS6 with lower miles.

    A 2001 is already 13 years old,have you checked EBay out or LS1Tech as their classified section is big and there are always lots of great deals to be had.

    Dont jump at the first car`you find.
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    Be patient otherwise you'll regret what you buy. Don't get me wrong I love my T/A, but I was thinking of the wife when I bought a Auto. Had the car for alittle over a year now and she has only driven it twice at the most. I would be much happier with a 6spd.

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    10k is too much for a Firebird but it is not a bad deal for 7500.00 see if you can beat him up a little.
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    Agree, If I'm paying 10k on a Trans Am better be a CETA, Firehawk or a rare low # purple 98 car.

    You also asked what else to look for & do.

    Make sure you take it on a test drive, run it for at least 30 mins, & put it through its paces. Some CEL or SES lights don't come on till after the car is nice and warm. Tranny problems also show up the longer the drive. If it's manual it will show immediately. At that mileage I'd asked when was the transmission last serviced and what was done. If M6 and still has it's OEM clutch start preparing for at least a new clutch and you might need new syncros to. The rear listen for any whining or growling. If it was abuse it will show it here. If it's a shaddy dealer their are tricks to mask these things too. So beware.

    If the bottom is sparking clean, I would suspect leaks, no dealer pressure washes underneath unless it's leaking. (Jeff doesn't count, his car is abnormal)
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