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Gas milage on stock ws6?

This is a discussion on Gas milage on stock ws6? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Cutlass 40mph in 6th gear gotta be a bogged down 800rpm. I bearly feel comfortable using 6th ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    40mph in 6th gear gotta be a bogged down 800rpm. I bearly feel comfortable using 6th gear below 60mph. And honestly 36mpg, come on?!
    6th gear at 40MPH is 900 RPM's. Don't want to go WOT from that RPM, but it won't be bogging it out.

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    Better being going down hill unless you enjoy the 'ping ping ping'

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    I know this is old but...

    Quote Originally Posted by fil131 View Post
    I also seemed to get high 20's to low 30's in my 2002 Z28 with 60k miles.

    My new 2002 WS6 does not have as good mileage yet, but it still has some time as it only has 8000 miles.

    All vehicles should start to get better gas milage as all the seals and gaskets settle in and break in.

    That is damn good gas mileage if you ask me, for a 3600lb vehicle with some balls.

    If you purchase my LS1-Edit listed in my sig below you can even run a bit leaner to save more. Or tune for E-85 and save there. LOL JUST THOUGHT I'D MIGHT AS WELL THROW THIS IN THE MIX.
    This is an ancient post I know. I was just looking up MPG as I have never know or cared.

    I was curious about your mods. The cost and what mods to support that HP. 610 rwhp just had a nice ring to it.
    I have a 98 WS6 just a A4 with minor motor mods 214R cam and dyno tune, all else stronger parts but no power gain.
    I am curious about costs as I am now at 77K miles and not yet sure if I want to sink more $ in to the bird or spend it on a newer car or another Vette to mod. Amazing how well these TAs can grip the road with quality tires. The body style is awesome of course. Am hoping a new TA will come out as is rumored. That would have to look better than a camaro and with a.badass,motor and IRS....So love the TA but.....
    Comp Cams 242R, beehive springs, LS7 lifters, LS2 lifter trays, Comp Cam steel caged trunion bearing upgrade, Moly pushrods, Ported LS6 oil pump. Dyno tune...So far.

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    No new Trans Am's unless Pontiac is open back up again.

    Trans Am Depot makes "Trans Am's", GTO's, and some others that are 5th Gen Camaro's that have been converted over to look what many believe are the new version.

    If money was no object yes I would have them make one for me. Depending on what you want their mods go form $20-$50 over the cost of a 5th Gen.

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