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Flipped My 2002 Ws6

This is a discussion on Flipped My 2002 Ws6 within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by 02cetransam just future advice so people in the future can help. Who Wants To Read Things That ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 02cetransam View Post
    just future advice so people in the future can help. Who Wants To Read Things That Are Written This Way? Its Too Hard To Read!!

    Just trying to help out and I still dont know how someone can role a lowered bird. I was just seeing how he managed.
    Since we're busting that guys balls on how he is typing, how about you learn how to spell!!!!~ role a lowered

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    Hey man, glad that your allright, still alive. Ive worked in a collison shop, and people that tell you that once the frame is bent, the car is trash, that is completely untrue. As long as you go to a very reputable repair shop, you should be ok. Nothing is unrepairable. The shop that I worked at had a new honda accord that got wrapped around a telephone pole. (Have pictures somewhere) The entire car from the A-pillers back was replaced. Now granted, if my car need that much work, i would have made sure the insurance company would have totalled it. I have learned never to be emotionally attached to a car, its just a car, easy to replace, unlike your life.

    But, just as a word of advise, I would highly reconmend you take a defensive driving course. From the sound of it there could have been many things you could have done to avoid this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LukesSpeedShop View Post
    But, just as a word of advise, I would highly reconmend you take a defensive driving course. From the sound of it there could have been many things you could have done to avoid this.
    Yea, sounds like a shoulder drift. You don't actually need to take a defensive driving course, but try and get some free and legitimate info from the internet, or at your local DMV. There's a lot of things that you learn from other people, that you'll find are completely untrue after you take a course/ find some info. I was just recently forced to take one for my new job, and there were many helpful things that I learned. A lot of the stuff is common sense, but there is some very good info. Not a diss at all, many people could use to take one just for their own safety.

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    State Farm asked me to let them take my Car To One Of Their Centers To Review The Damage when I wrecked it. They are wanting (nationwide) to see if its a total loss. When they took mine (which I knew it wasnt a total loss) my antenna got stolen and also my chevy emblem off the rear. If you can get out of it and dont think its a total loss dont let them.

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    I say let it go...get another if possible.

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    do you have any pictures??
    M6, Lid, Ported and Polished Throttle Body (By Me!), LT, Custom Catted Y, Electric Cutout, PHB, LCA13.21@108 with a 2.3 60'

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    That sucks man. I was just in an accident with my 1994 Pontiac trans am 25th anniversary edition and all that happened was a small front left collision with the bumper of a perpendicularly stopped car (stupid girl pulled out and thought she was in the median

    anyways, i had USAA and they gave me $12,590 for the car because it was her fault. I only payed 9k. Bought my self a new 01 black WS6 with headers and exhaust. Just letting you know that if it is totaled, you can hopefully come out on top with some extra cash. Good luck man and glad to know you were not injured.

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    Man, Plam Bay gets dark and there are ditches everywhere! I grew up off San Falipo and Malabar area. That sucks about your car, but good to hear your boys are ok. I've gotten cars and trucks stuck out there, I am from Melbourne. By buddy's also from Melbourne, his brother in law is an insuranse adjuster and his family owns a body shop of US1 south of Lake Washington. I'll get their name and let you know if you plan on getting it fixed. They are first class. Good luck and hope things work out for the best!

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    get some pics. you might be able to salvage, after the insurance cuts youa check.

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    I've owned two Mustangs that I've had the TB stick on me and it is not a fun thing to deal with. I was able to turn the car off before anything really happened, other then my heart rate going through the ROOF!! I've never had an f-body do this to me. Good luck with your car.

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