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Firebird build question

This is a discussion on Firebird build question within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So I have an opinion question for the forum. I want to get a 98-02 firebird/ta project car. I want ...

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    Firebird build question

    So I have an opinion question for the forum. I want to get a 98-02 firebird/ta project car. I want to build it up over a few years. My plan is to completely tear down and rebuild this car. I'd probably use ta parts or better during the rebuild (probably an ls3 or something as well). So if I can find a firebird with a good body for under $2,000 would that be better then spending a little more on a ta if I really only need a "shell" car?

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    After seeing a LS base motor in a yugo anything is possible.

    Some issues with using a Firebird over a Formula or TA as a base.

    Wiring harness for V6's are different then the V8's. Though they have many connectors in common the dash cluster has some different hook ups.
    ECM's - The 98's have one style, 99-00 have a different one, and the 01-02's have another different one. Not necessary an issue, it's just how it hooks up and how much tuning will be.
    Engine - Don't get stuck on the LS3, there are a ton of options that make just as much power or more. The 6.0liter truck blocks give you a lot of options. Can use both ls1 or ls3 style heads/intakes, carb setup etc...make great force induction builds too. You also have 5.3's that make tons of power with turbos.
    Fuel system - you'll need to get a LS style fuel system over the V6 fuel system.
    Rollers are great but try to get as much as you can afford. More you have the less you have to search/spend on.

    Best advice is seriously make a realistic plan and budget. If time is no issue, then it's always budget. The saying "How fast can I go = how much you want to spend" Fast, reliable, and cheap do not always go together. Safety should always trump all.

    In our tech stickies under the General help section we have a thread that can show you what it takes to build an engine and also fix it issues that others have done. Please look over.

    Ask away...someone will respond and try to help.

    Also finding a roller or donor greatly depends on your area. Some places are harder to find over others.

    Welcome to the site I hope this gives you some help.

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    ^^ All sage advice.

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