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Finally Ready to Jump Ship.

This is a discussion on Finally Ready to Jump Ship. within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; that's a really REALLY cheap CETA, get that thing! I get nearly 32 mpg in my m6. That's at 80mph ...

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    that's a really REALLY cheap CETA, get that thing!

    I get nearly 32 mpg in my m6. That's at 80mph and some light traffic hopping in 4th/5th. My car has full exhaust and tune. It's freakin unreal! I've driven 300 mile trips and been left with just under a 1/4 tank.

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    Go with the 02 Collector's. Which ever car you go with id get an m6 you wont be disappointed

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    Yeah once i read collectors and saw it was lower priced than the top one, thats the one id jump on. I only wish i had that much cash to spend when i bought mine. Good luck man take good care of it and and hold onto it!
    Oh and gas mileage wise i try to stick under 2000rpms or a little over, but every now and then especially on a nice day you cant help but rev it up. I get around 20city and around 30 highway, it all depends on the driver once u drive it for a little bit you will understand. Just don't fill up ur gas tank all the way to keep ur car light, and when u do get gas after u got what u wanted, put the pump back wait for it to be done processing, then flip the pump handle upside down and put it back in ur tank and pull the trigger, you get another handful of gas, it will add up later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Wretched View Post
    I am now ready to own a Trans Am. After years of saving, researching and comparing... the T/A is the one. I now drive a POS Rustang and I am to say the least... sick of it.

    I always liked Camaros and T/A's. Love the LS1... the T/A from what I have seen and heard are almost bulletproof.

    I have a few questions for the owners.

    I have 3 T/A's that I am deciding on and all are spotless. All stock... with one having stereo mods, and exhaust mods... otherwise stock.

    1. 02 Red w/ 46k miles 6M WS6 for $18k

    2. 02 Collector's w 58k miles 6M for $17k

    3. 02 Red w 44k miles A4 WS6 for $17k

    I love stick... but I know the autos shift right on. What do you guys think... auto v stick??

    I'm a decent stick driver... not the best... i'm ok.

    Gas mileage??? "normal" driving... what are you guys getting. Better MPG on auto or stick??

    Sorry If I am asking too many questions since I'm a newbie... but where else am I gonna get this info. I am gonna pick up one of these this week.


    Don't buy A4 Shifting makes these cars fun go with the M6 for sure

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    Unless one is black or SOM id got with the CE

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    CETA FTW because of the M6 and price.

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    thats a rediculously cheap ceta. if u dont like yellow and u dont want it, u could make a profit byjust buying and reselling that thing

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    That CETA seems too cheap. I'd make sure it was never wrecked or flooded with CarFax.
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