So some of you may have read my last post about getting my exhaust finally. The original plan was to get an electronic cut off, magnaflow muffler, 3in piping from the y-pipe back for 600.

I took the car to the exhaust shop a few weeks ago and was promised the car by the same day. But this is what happened.

I called the shop at 4 like they told me and they said.. "oh i didnt know you meant electronic cut offs.. we had to order the part it should be in tomorrow so call back around 4 then oh and the total will be 650 instead of 600."

I call back the next day and they told me it would be the next day. This continued to go on for over 4 days.. finally i get the car back on a saturday, dropped the car off on wednesday.

The good news is for my trouble they decided to give me a custom 3in y-pipe all the way to the stock headers. (yes i know, i need headers, its next on my list)

After this i was pretty excited to have my car back, and as you could imagine, it sounded very good but it was raining so i didnt drive the car much. When i woke up the next morning my chrome tips were rusting! It turns out they weren't stainless like i thought and i had to take the car back.. he originally told me it would be another 80 bucks for stainless tips. After letting them know how i felt, the owner agreed to pay for one of the tips and it would only cost me 40 bucks.

I took the car back the other day to have them install my new tips while i waited. The new tips are stainless dual tips 3inches round.. much larger than my other tips and they look great.

So finally after all of my waiting without my car, i finally got my car back with 3in stainless exhaust from the manifold back, with one electronic cut off, magnaflow muffler, and chrome dual 3in stainless tips! Needless to say im pretty satisfied for 650 bucks! and im glad to finally have my car back!