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EXhaust & cam help to complete my WS6 02

This is a discussion on EXhaust & cam help to complete my WS6 02 within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; This is were I need ur help, listen to alot of exhaust, headers and cam hook ups, but I can ...

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    EXhaust & cam help to complete my WS6 02

    This is were I need ur help, listen to alot of exhaust, headers and cam hook ups, but I can not decide what to chose from. My car right now and it has not been driven yet with all mods, waiting to change cam, exhaust, heads. It has not yet been yet been tuned. So this is what it has so far:slp lid, sub connectors, chromoly push rods, 160 stat, cold air induction, under drive pulley w/electric water pump, ported TB by Shaner, 3.73 gears, b&m shift kit it a A4, 3200 Tc by Yank, 3x3 Fernco w/rubber coupling, Taylor Thundervolt wires and Bosch plugs, I do not know how much HP it will have but it will have some balls, let me know what you think or how I can inprove more and help with the exhaust, I like LM, but with all the up grades, cant stand the raspy sound. Also, did you ever hear of this and what do you think,
    8-TTS longtubes, performace cats, y-pipe & gmmg exhaust, what does this sound like, but after, I do the cam, heads, and exhaust, I want it to sounds loud and mean and not raspy. So, 1 - cam help needed for spec and what kind, 2- muffers, like gmmg, sweet thunder, do I go no cats or HP cats, I like the LT Kookers 1 3/4" or bigger, 3- I like the X pipe TSP or what do you like, 4- 3" in and 3" out or go 3" in and 2 1/2" out. Does anyone have any idea, about how much HP I will have after this.

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    all this depends on how much $ you want to invest in the car- first off, for a cam this all depends on how often the car is driven and your goals for it. If it is street driven daily I would recommend a low 230 duration cam maybe 232/232 with low .600 lift on both intake and exhaust on a 112 LSA. I see that you changed your pushrods, you may want to change your rockers (I run stock rockers that were rebuilt by Harlem Sharp). As for exhaust- if you got the $ i would invest in Kooks stainless steel headers, and cats depends on your state emissions- i would say no cats but i dont know how strict PA is. I think the true dual setup sounds the best- I run a H pipe with edelbrock 304 series mufflers and i love the sound. Otherwise, I would recommend Jet hot headers with a magnaflow catback. I personally would not recommend a cutout im not a big fan- if you are looking to do an aftermarket head- I think trick flow 215's or AFR 225's would be the best investment- you can do some more research to see what would work best for you. Through a stalled auto car on a mustang dyno i can see you with this setup making anywhere betwwen 400-430 rwhp, a little more on a dynojet. Hope this helps


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