I have noticed lately a lot of public advertising going on for non-sponsors of LS1.com. We have a great atmosphere around here and its great to see everyone willing to help out and we hope to see that helping attitude continue. We do have to show our paying site sponsors proper respect though. I copied the forum rule so everyone can review how to handle this matter in an acceptable manner. If you have any questions about whether a link is acceptable to post, any member of the moderator team should be able to assist you.

Thank you for everyone's cooperation regarding this matter

2. Spamming

Spamming or business advertisements by businesses who do not sponsor LS1.com is not allowed. Threads or PMs determined to be "spam" will be deleted or forwarded to the Administration. This type of posting could possibly result with privileges to our board restricted or denied without notice. Lottery schemes being advertised on this board are considered Spam. Excessive advertisement of other "for profit" forums is also considered spam, and will be dealt with accordingly. If you are interested in sponsoring LS1.com, please send inquiries to lszone1@yahoo.com. To offer added support to our Sponsors, we would ask that you refrain from recommending non-sponsor businesses, products, or services that are in direct competition to our Sponsors in your thread replies. If you wish to offer another source to our Members, please use the PM or e-mail option to give the information to our Members in a private manner. We will remove information in threads that will reduce revenue for our Sponsors.

Soliciting for Members of this site to go and join another site is also considered a form of Spam. Mentioning another site for reference or as an information source is acceptable.