Hey Guys and Gals, its been quiet some time since ive been on but looking for some help. Im finally getting the opportunity, and by that i mean a Lift and Cash, to get the LS1 out of my 99 A4 for a rebuild. its going on a stand and getting a complete rebuild. Since the pressure was falling off, looking to change the oil delivery system to one out of an LS6. With that comes new bearings and so forth. on the bottom end. Now leading to the main point of my question. Looking to upgrade the cam while its apart. I realize im going to need a tune after the engine goes back in but, who has what cams out there that they would recommend? Being its an A4 and it would cost way to much to switch to a 6, i would like to go with a nice street/strip setup. How much HP can i take this to without causing problems to the rear? I would like to put a transpak in as well. But the cam is the primary concern. Other plans are FAST intake with a TB, head work, upgrade on the fuel delivery, long tubes. Need some help and i know you guys got the answers. Thanks in advance!

need to get on here more! Missin too much interesting stuff it seems!