My question is the Corvette has exclusive sites for their owners to purchase chrome appointments for their engine and they are great. As a 2000 WS6 owner, I would appreciate any input such as outlets I could pursue. I have purchased quite a few products from Specialized Stainless recently and their limited line of polished stainless items look great in my car-I highly recommend. I called this am to Mid-Atlantic Corvette to ask if I could use the products on my LS1, such as Windshield wiper caps,M/Cyl. caps P/S caps and etc., he told me he didn't have a clue. I appreciated his honesty. Aside from going to a decorative chrome shop-which I will if need be-I thought I could be directed to an online site to assist me in highlighting my engine compartment. Thank you in advance for your time in reading my post!