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This is a discussion on EGRs within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I just got a 97 Firebird formula WS-6 with the LT1 and the owner before me said that the EGRs ...

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    I just got a 97 Firebird formula WS-6 with the LT1 and the owner before me said that the EGRs was unpluged and it will throw a code. Where are they locatted for I can plug them back in. Unless it dont hurt my car I wont plug them back in. I know my SES light stays on. I know my car will Ideal funny in drive at a stop light or a redlight. It will Ideal up and Ideal down by its self and sounds like it gonna cut off but it dont. I was woundering If it could be the EGRs being unpluged making it do this. and he said it needs rear 02s too.

    It has Hooker longtub headers with an offroad Y pipe with no cats to a Borla muffler.
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    IMO the first thing you need to do is have the codes read. No EGR will throw codes, no cat(s) will throw codes too - and since you don't have any cats you shouldn't need rear 02s??? Not a LT1 guy but think you need to have any/all codes read (if you don't do it yourself bring something with you to write them down with, one number off can make a significant difference) and post them. Could be entirely something else causing your idle problem, but you don't know cause the SES is always on.

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