I have a DRL (pass. side front) out. At first I thought it was the bulb, so I bought a new bulb. That did not work. I tested the old bulb on the driver side and it worked. I checked the tail lights and all were fine. I bought the "AutoZone" socket that has been posted here a bunch of times. I cut the old socket off (before I read that the socket could be replaced) and re-attached the wires (yes, in the proper order!). Put a coating of solder (yes, electrical 60% tin/40% lead) on and the only thing that worked was the parking light. No DRL or blinker. I checked the fuses (both dash & under the hood, all looked fine.) I also changed out the blinker relay under the dash with no luck. I have spent far too much time on this problem, but am determined to fix it myself and to avoid a shop visit.

I am puzzled and approaching insanity. Any help would be appreciated!