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Door panel crack

This is a discussion on Door panel crack within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; so where is the staple that so many people talk about that cracks the door panel. I just dont see ...

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    Door panel crack

    so where is the staple that so many people talk about that cracks the door panel. I just dont see it.

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    There is some good reading here...

    cracked door panels ?

    You will certainly have staples, somewhere, guarantee it!!

    Trev )

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    I believe they are where the weatherstripping is connected to the plastic...I did mine about two years ago....once you get the panel off you will see them....what a pain to take out .... I replaced the staples with thin copper wire that I issues since

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    So is the real issue the weatherstripping attached to the plastic door panel? The stress point is the 90 degree area where the crack starts in the picture. Same reason they put a grind relief on a crankshaft journal or saw cuts into concrete.

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    When they installed the weatherstripping the panels were more than likely torqued, so this put constant tension on them. After a few years cooking in the sun, and the plastic becoming more brittle, they give way.

    I fixed mine following the directions using the machine screws. I replaced almost every staple too.

    Here's my before/after:

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    Once you take your door panel off, you will notice the staples holding the weatherstripping on. Those are the staples that need to be taken out in order to "stress-relieve" the plastic. I drilled small holes once I took out the staples and put in small 8-32 screws with washers and backing nuts through the weatherstripping and through the plastic panel. Be sure to take the staples out before drilling your holes and give it a few minutes to relax. Drill the holes near or even through the holes where the staples were once it relaxes. I used permatex medium strength threadlocker blue on final assembly. I cut the ends of the screws off with electricians wire strippers and then applied the threadlocker to keep the nuts from loosening up. I did mine before the cracks started as a pre emptive effort. That was about 4 years ago, and they are still holding!

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