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Disable ABS - 1995 FB

This is a discussion on Disable ABS - 1995 FB within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hi, I know this will probably get some "just fix the thing" responses, but I am short on cash at ...

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    Question Disable ABS - 1995 FB


    I know this will probably get some "just fix the thing" responses, but I am short on cash at the moment and it is causing me some problems.

    Question: Is there a way to disable the ABS on a 1995 FB 3.4L V6?

    Reasoning: Every now and then the ABS light comes on, but that doesn't seem to cause the trouble. My problem is when the light is off because I feel like the ABS is pulling when braking on the front right wheel. Also - randomly - when I am coming to a stop (ABS enabled), the system will just sort of let it senses I am going to skid (even though I am stopping slowly and at the very end of the stop (last 2 seconds or so). The pedal goes to mush and I just barely get to stop before I hit the car in front of me or roll through a stop sign. Very scary stuff when it happens. I figure if I can disable the ABS it will put a stop to this problem and I can get it looked at when I get more funds.


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    If the abs is really kicking in you will probably feel it in the pedal. You can pull the fuse and disable the abs. It sounds like you have other brake problems though. I would have them looked at as soon as possible if you are unsure.

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