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diff between WS6 to a regular TransAm

This is a discussion on diff between WS6 to a regular TransAm within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Believe it or not the tires are plenty wide for drag racing, its the low side wall and street compounds ...

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    Believe it or not the tires are plenty wide for drag racing, its the low side wall and street compounds that do it. Any "hard core" drag racer will invest in a proper set of drag rims and slicks with the proper side wall. Next time you are at teh track watch the guy running full slicks and what the side walls do.

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    Ok, I'll give my 2 cents (although that statement is almost as anoying as all CAPS lol). I have the 01 WS6 and came across this thread wondering the same question. I have to admit that I bought the WS6 because it was the 'coolest' and most optioned out model of the TA, it wasn't because I thought the 'Ram Air' gave the most HP. My opinion, the only real way to get accurate results for the ram air, is to.....ram the air while on a dyno. I don't know of anyone with a dyno in a wind tunnel, but you never know, I've seen crazier things. I would like to say the only thing I never liked about the firebird, was the rounded ass they gave it, I'm sure some like it, but to me, it looks whimpy. I tend to like the rear end of the camero or corvette better, but the 'up' wing does help. I really enjoy reading the threads on LS1, it's like an information candy store. Be cool and keep it between the ditches.

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    They make flow sensors and have done flow dyno testing with the aftermarket ram air kits. Most of the aftermarket kits have charts on their sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluke View Post
    You know.. I don't think anyone has ever done THIS in one of these threads before. Not arguing gains.. but here is what's in it.

    My original window sticker (from the first owner, I'm the second):

    Click for full size
    31K? damn. my 02 ws6 msrp was around 41k in canada. i've got the sticker somewhere.

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