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Daily Driver or STS rearmount Turbo???

This is a discussion on Daily Driver or STS rearmount Turbo??? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by lemons12 lol... at a coffe shop i dont make a lot of money... ALL of my money ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemons12 View Post
    lol... at a coffe shop

    i dont make a lot of money... ALL of my money i make goes into cars... when i say all.. i mean ALL of it.. if your wondering i make about 350-400 every two weeks, plus i mow lawns and stuff when possible.. VERY VERY VERY rarely do i borrow gas money from my mom... maybe 20 dollars every 1-2 months..

    i spend my money wisely.. i dont buy the first thing i come across... and i try my hardest to find out what is a good setup or what i want.. like you have seen in this thread.. i could go with something better like an APS TTi or something along those lines.. but i have no idea if i want a FI car even to begin with.. so im starting small on the terms of power and money... if i like what i am seeing.. then i will move up from there... if i dont, i can go back to H/C packages very easily..

    the link that i put up was from a kid also.. hes 20.. but hes in the military, making about 40k a year with no bills... so thats a different story.. got another H/C friend making around 400 plus a 200 shot.. on a 00 camaro.. hes 19. my advice.. SPEND YOUR MONEY wisely. do your research.. and if cars is what you want dont go out to the movies, eating, buying a coke here and there, PUT IT IN YOUR CAR... just decide what you want an go for it.. like with anything in life, i have friends my age that would kill for my TA and/or my DD z28..... in in honesty they could have what i have and more if they would put their mind to it.. because they make more money... but they spend it on gum cokes movies shit like that....
    you forgot women $$$$$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by 99w69kitt View Post
    you forgot women $$$$$$
    haha.... i got one... she paid for my front filler panel on the TA when i bought it... 100$ and just bought my CCFL halos for my camaro.. 215$......

    trained quick and correctly...

    very little of my money goes away because of the relationship... i get it back on eway or another...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Luos View Post
    STS is crap.

    Get a daily and get a real turbo kit down the road.
    Ditto that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INMY01TA View Post
    Ditto that.
    discussed it.. sts tubing is crap.

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    has anyone ever built an remote mounted turbo system. i mean the setup doesnt seem very hard. the only problem i imagine would be the oil pump. any advice on an oil pump? would i be able to buy an STS's oil pump from them. the sts kits just seem way to over priced for something i could fab up myself. Plus I dont think they make an STS kit for an LS1 swapped 240sx

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    if i may recommend hp turbo's they make really well built kits, mustang community praises them and they are affordable...only downside is they will take some time to fab up the kit because they are constantly moving vehicles at their shop....i have not seen one person yet disappointed by those kits

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    TTi single turbo kit.

    Or don't bother.

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