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Crap Runs!

This is a discussion on Crap Runs! within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Alright, took the car to the track. 2 weeks before I hit a 13.57 my third run out. Well this ...

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    Crap Runs!

    Alright, took the car to the track. 2 weeks before I hit a 13.57 my third run out. Well this last friday i went again and couldnt break 14.00. It was so frustrating! It had rained all morning but dried up by afternoon and I headed out at about 8:00 @ around 80 degrees. 2 weeks before I went out at the same time @ around 95 degrees. The first few runs were in the right lane which was slick as hell gave me horrible launches. The left lane was ok, but could only hit 14.02! Mustang GT's were running better than me! You guys think it was the weather or driver error or both?

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    Hard to sa, if you have a 6 speed it was most likely you. Keep practicing those launches, and shift before the rev limiter, if you hit it you will lose a littlr time.

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    at least you dont have to worry about alltitude as much as i do! im all stock! 02 ss a4 and am barley scraping 13.9s!

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    What's your 60' and your trap?

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    hmm.. the heat is a big factor.. ull be shocked to see what 5-10 degrees can do. driver is also a big deal.. i cant tell but it depends on how u drive the car.. my best run was 13.44 and im completely stock. my worst run was my first run ever at 14.1

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