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cop hp?

This is a discussion on cop hp? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Well Ill throw it all in. Basically When people say they have a crown vic with a police interceptor package, ...

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    Well Ill throw it all in. Basically When people say they have a crown vic with a police interceptor package, it is a package ford offers to those that want a stiffer suspension on the CV. Basically we get our cars straigh from Ford on i guess you could put it a platform for all law enforcement agencies. Our Crown Vics have a suspension that is very hard to break, its tough alot different from that of the CV police package. We have a better tuned 4.6 in it with a system that keeps it alot cooler, notice how cops are always sitting . Basically thats it, now I know in a few places, and Ive seen it for my self, an LS1 in a crown vic. Yes believe it or not. Granit our cop cars weigh that of a Mac truck but you can feel the difference.

    Crown Vics are slow, but they will catch up most of the time due to a few factors. 1. You thought you got away but we caught up, 2. because you think you are a great driver you are on the roof of your car on the side of the road and I caught up to you. or 3. you drive a ricer which 90% of cops will tell you they profile for those cars for the hell of it.

    As for the Chargers, go up to the Detroit area, namely Auburn Hills, basically Oakland county. THey have the Chargers up there and they are bad ass, cool lights and everything. But nothing beats seeing a C5 vette with a light bar on top.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bandit_48032
    I have a 2000 Formula and a 2003 Police Interceptor! The Interceptor is no slouch! The interceptors do have a little bit more horsepower than the standard Crown Vic's! But a Police Interceptor isn't gonna put 2 car lengths on a Crown Vic LX or anything like that. The interceptors just have a few more options for hooking up equipment, a rubbery, plastic flooring, bucket style police seats, and different things like that. Just a tap bit more horse and a couple options. Overall, it's a great vehicle and does have some pick up and go!
    No, the Police Interceptor does not have "a tap bit more horse." There is ZERO hp and torque difference with the one that anyone can buy off the showroom floor. The optional handling package on the civilian vic is 239hp thanks to dual exhaust, the same exact figures as the Interceptor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capster78
    Radio diden't catch me.

    Im with you, it helps to have an all black car with a fogged plate cover. Just get a lead, drop off an exit, jump on a back road, turn off the car and hit the door lock button to kill the interior lights and your safe. Works every time
    -although I do live in the sticks, look at the avatar.
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