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Brake upgrade Problem

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    Brake upgrade Problem

    Alright all. I've been working on a C6 Z06 brake upgrade for a while now and not that I'm "all done"... I'm having problems bleeding the brakes. We did the passenger side first (only swapped the fronts) and then the drivers side but still having problems. We just got done spending about two hours bleeding them and were still having problems. Now when we press down on the pedal were no longer getting bubbles in the line off the caliper but the petal still will go all the way to the floor with the bleeders closed on the calipers. And when I start the car, the petal falls to the floor with just the weight of my foot and will never pump up. The master cylinder is full and the bleeders are pointing up. Im at a loss and have no idea whats going on we changed the lines and hooked the calipers up last weekend but are just now bleeding them. Could air have gotten to the back lines somehow or into the ABS box? Anyone with any clue of what might be going on would really help me out if you chimed in!

    Thanks all!!!

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