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aftermarket carbon fiber airlid

This is a discussion on aftermarket carbon fiber airlid within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Q: Does anyone know, if i buy the carbon fiber airlid from whisper motorsports, does it completely eliminate the need ...

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    aftermarket carbon fiber airlid

    Q: Does anyone know, if i buy the carbon fiber airlid from whisper motorsports, does it completely eliminate the need for the baffle?
    *and would it fit on the stock airbox?
    *does the aftermarket airlid make a difference at all?

    i currently have the stock box/ airlid/ and baffle on my 2000 ws6, but was wanting to get rid of the baffle for cosmetic reasons. to be completely honest, im not quite sure what the baffle is for...
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    I have a Whisper Lid (the regular one, not carbon fiber, but still the same thing) fits a lot better than the SLP lid does (no hood rubbing).

    - Yes, the baffle is gone.
    - Fits on my stock WS6 Airbox
    - Tons of difference between stock and an aftermarket lid...more smooth flow in and no baffles or fins in the lid to screw with the air flow.

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    yes the lid will get rid of the baffles and will fit on the ws6 airbox.

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