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Advice on gear install

This is a discussion on Advice on gear install within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hello. I would like to replace my OEM gears (2.32 I think)with Motive 3.73's in my 95 T/A A4. This ...

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    Advice on gear install

    Hello. I would like to replace my OEM gears (2.32 I think)with Motive 3.73's in my 95 T/A A4.

    This is the part in question:

    Motive GM 7.5" 7.625" 10-Bolt CHEVY Ring & Pinion Gears 3.73 NEW - Rearend Axle 373

    I have been doing some research and am quite confused. Do I first have to figure out if I have a 2 or 3 pin carrier?
    Do I have to purchase an install kit to give my mechanic or should he be able to just "throw" it in? Are there any other consideration for this install? Thanks in advance
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    Should just have to get the ring & pinion, crush sleeve and maybe new bearings in case they are worn.

    All the shop has to do is pull the axles out a little, remove the differential and pinon, replace the ring gear and install, checking backlash and preload.

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    Did the same to mine last Oct. If you have a 2.32 (rather a 2.73 I believe) You need to get a series 2 carrier. As for the install kit. Better to be safe then sorry. Mine had but 35,000 miles when I swapped gears and I went with the install kit.
    Just my 2 cents

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    There are different series carriers -- 2 and 3 series for the most part. The difference is in the thickness of the ring gear, so when you install a 3.xx ring gear in a 2 series carrier, you need to also install a spacer between the carrier and ring gear to make up the difference. From a strength standpoint it is not an ideal setup but it can work.

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    Yes what Jeff said about the carrier, and the OE ratio would be 2.73 for your Trans Am. Performance option would be a 3.23, then you'd not have to get the spacer to run the 3.73. That swap will really wake up your car, you won't believe it's the same car.

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