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A4 vs M6

This is a discussion on A4 vs M6 within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Which is best, I know its personal prefrence and it basically comes down to liking to shift 6 times or ...

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    A4 vs M6

    Which is best, I know its personal prefrence and it basically comes down to liking to shift 6 times or running consistant times at the track. My friend may be buying an F-body Ls1 soon and he's kinda decided on the manual because it would be more fun. I keep telling him I'll be having all the fun when I get my stall converter whooping his ass at the track all night long.

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    Without beating this topic into the ground, its personal choice.

    I chose a4 and dont regret it
    Now, hurry up and get that TC

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    BlackHawk T/A

    M6 vs A4

    M6 = Faster in the end (higher mph in the 1/4), better mileage when driven right, more fun, handles more hp before needing modification, best for Auto-X, shows bigger numbers on the dyno - "dyno queen"

    A4 = Properly set up owns any M6 in the 1/4, and consistently too, best for 1/4 and daily driving or easy cruising, "drag queen"

    M6 = Shifting can get tedious for daily driving unless you really like to shift, not as consistent, dangerous to miss shifts

    A4 = Needs modification to handle high hp sooner than the M6, less control of your gears, lower mileage

    Think I got most everything...if I think of anything else i'll add it.

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    I went with M6 and i absolutely love it, but agreed on the consistancy thing or lack there of, my times vary almost .5 sec over like 3 visits to the track with same mods each time. But i like the control i have over the M6 more than the A4 i had in my old 96 WS6

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    cool thanks for your opinions but its all stuff I knew already buts its nice to hear it out of someone elses mouth. On that point about manuals being stronger well in the short run yes, but in the long run an auto can handle more power because the manual is a direct drive so it basically gets all the power at once where as an auto eases into the power becasue it slips. Heres a great example on a bad ass vette near me. Let me know what you think about that.

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