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99 Formula upgrades?

This is a discussion on 99 Formula upgrades? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have a 99 formula m6. right now i have a K&N fuel injection air kit, the MaS screen removed, ...

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    1999 Formula

    99 Formula upgrades?

    I have a 99 formula m6. right now i have a K&N fuel injection air kit, the MaS screen removed, and a shity flowmaster catback(was on the car when i bought it). The car has over 140K miles on it. i have a couple of questions maybe you guys can help with. im looking at doing modest upgrades right now

    1) With the block having so many miles on it and personaly i do not trust it.(the car was owned by a helicopter pilot for about 130k miles) and i know the dipstick is scourched should i bother with trying to rebuild it with the possibility that im not gunna have to do alot internal to make the block good again? or would it be better to fine a short block LS1 and swap the upper engine over to it? also is hte bottom end strong enough stock to hand decent power upgrades such as a S/C or increased top end bolt ons? i would like to make aobut 400 to 450 RWHP and about the same for Torque.

    2) What are your thoughts on doing the LS6 conversion to the top end(cam, valve springs, push rods maybe lifters and the LS6 intake)?

    3) Port and Polish?

    4) bigger fuel injectors/fuel rail?

    5) Transmission?(is a stock rebuild sufficent up to about 450RWHP/Torque)

    6) Drive shaft?(is a carbon fiber shaft worth the money)

    7) Rear End?(im looking at getting a Strange 12 bolt rear end with 4.10s not really gunna do a lot of long haul driving at high speeds)

    8) Suspension?(what are some good upgrades for handling)

    9)Brakes?(doesnt matter how fast you are if you cant stop when you need to. is big brake conversions worth all that money? or just get some aftermarket disks and maybe some bigger callipers?)

    10) Exhaust? (what are good headers and y pipes preferably stainless. I am gunna put a gmmg catback i love the sound i got a buddy with 99 anniversery TA with it and some other mod it sounds great)

    andthing you guys and think of will be a really big help. i miss my Bird so bad being over here in iraq and now i got another 3 months added on i wont see her till december
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