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6th gear issue..

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    6th gear issue..

    Slowly but very surely getting some of the last tiny bugs out of my '94 Formula and one of the last issues I have to deal with is the 6th gear on it? The car will cruise up to about 70 or 80 in 5th very nicely but it doesnt really matter what speed Im moving when I try to put it in 6th gear the car acts like Im not going fast enough to put in that gear and it bogs slightly? I just need a few ideas of what I might need to be checking out. Sensors, etc..

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    6th gear is so tall that the car will feel sluggish if you try to accelerate.
    If this is the case then you have No problems I only use it for 60mph plus on the freeway.
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    The only thing is, is that it does it when attempting to shift into 6th gear going 70-90 as well. it feels bogged like the car isnt really going fast enough still...but the car is basically all stock.

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    sounds like something is dragging with 6th im no tranny guy but thats what it sounds like to me my wifes ss 6m accelerates fine even in 6th at highway speed good luck

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    Not sure w/o seeing the car but is sound like the clutch may be slipping .

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