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I have a question for the guys that say GM screwed up on the 04-06 GTO's. Have any of you guys ever driven one? Just curious how you base your opinions of the car. Is it from experience or you just didn't like the looks? I can understand it being a sleeper looking kinda car but it's a long way from being a screw up. My stock GTO on Kuhmo all seasons ran 13.6 @102 with a 2.0 60' time which comes pretty close to matching stock f-body times. That's not bad for a car that weighs more than the f-body, rides 1000 times better, has an interior that blows most GM cars out of the water ( I include the vette in that list), and handles extremely well. There's a reason why my f-body stays in the garage and my GTO gets daily driven. I'm an f-body guy through and through but the GTO is a far cry from being a screw up. It makes one helluva daily driver capable of laying some smack down on the streets from time to time. I think some people got hung up in the anti-GTO hype without ever seeing for themselves what the car will do. My brother didn't have any opinion of the car really. He could take it or leave it. He borrowed my lowly 04 for a few weeks and fell in love with the car. It's nice to ride in a car that's smooth and handles well but will flat out haul ass when asked too.
I have a '00 T/A and was thiiis close to buying an '04 Goat. I drove it two or three times, then I went home and thought about it for awhile. It rode better and had a helluva lot nicer interior, but I just couldn't give up my TA for one. It just didn't pin me back in my seat the way my T/A does. Again, they aren't bad cars or even ugly in my opinion, they just don't catch your eye the way T/A's do. But you're right, the car itself isn't a "screw-up". Just don't think GTO was the right name.