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1999 Trans Am traction control system and ABS brakes

This is a discussion on 1999 Trans Am traction control system and ABS brakes within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; At times my ABS InOp light and TCS light along with the Brake light will come on. Someone told me ...

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    1999 Trans Am LS1

    1999 Trans Am traction control system and ABS brakes

    At times my ABS InOp light and TCS light along with the Brake light will come on. Someone told me the car's ABS sensor in the rear may have messed up when new brakes and rotors were installed. The lights are not always on, but do come on and stay on frequently. Has anyone else had this problem and found out how to resolve it. Thanks for your help.

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    ive heard something about the spoiler brake lights going out causing the abs and traction contol lights to come on, could have mis-read that thread....check the sensors on each tire too, you cant really miss them, theyre behind the tire
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    have a gm spec tool read the codes, could be the module fucking up, wheel speed sensors, fuses...
    weirdly enough mine did it a lot, then i put in long tube (idk how this is related) but it stopped doing it idk y... but it can be bout those things i listed above
    normally just wheel speed sensors, the front ones are the whole hub, the rear ones are just little plug n play... if the spec reader doesnt communicate to the module it either the module that is out or fuses

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    I have the exact same thing happening to my 99 WS6 and I was told that it could be the tcs sensors and that some times it could be dirt and debris on the sensors so they recommended me to clean the sensors before buying new ones.

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    Are your tire sizes the same from front to back? If not, that could also be the reason.

    Like said, check the cheap thing first: dirty sensor or wiring issue. The speed sensor is behind the backing plate at each rear tire location. You could have even had one come unplugged. It looks like a little black cylinder with a wire going to it.

    If you know someone with a Snap-On or other higher end scanner, you can have the ABS codes scanned and it will tell you which sensor is malfunctioning (assuming it is a sensor).

    You can even unplug them and make sure the connection pins are clean.

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