1972 Pontiac 455 Grand Prix - Second Helping SSJ

Owning A Limited Edition '72 455 SSJ Grand Prix Back In The Day Was Special, But Finally Having It Back Is Even BetterWhen Glenn Kovach, a 50-year-old customer service and warranty representative in Benton, Illinois, sold an extremely rare SSJ Grand Prix in 1977, he thought he'd never see it again, but a quirk of fate brought it back into his life. "I found the SSJ the first time one afternoon in 1975," Glenn recalls. "It was sitting on a used-car lot, barely three years old, with factory Cameo White paint and a bright gold hood. I pulled over, checked it out, and learned it was a '72 SSJ Grand Prix. I looked at my girlfriend and said, 'I've got to have that car.' After much pleading and promising to my folks, I bought it."

Photo Gallery: 1972 Pontiac 455 Grand Prix - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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