1967-1969 Firebird Rear Suspension And More

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Total Cost Involved (TCI) announces a new torque-arm rear suspension for '67-'69 Firebirds, designed to eliminate the bind that occurs when cornering with the stock leaf-spring setup. The torque arm features a slider on its front that glides fore and aft, and rotates as the F-body goes through its suspension travel. This allows the Bird's handling to be controlled by the coilover shocks and the rear sway bar without the suspension binding. This kit requires welding on the axle brackets, panhard bracket, and optional sway-bar bracket. (An optional TCI Ford 9-inch housing comes with all brackets installed and heli-arced.) Call for pricing. Total Cost Involved
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Photo Gallery: 1967-1969 Firebird Rear Suspension And More - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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