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02 ws6 vs 05 mustang

This is a discussion on 02 ws6 vs 05 mustang within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I ran one '05 and two '06s, all 5-speeds, one of them only from a standing start, and the other ...

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    2001 Z28

    I ran one '05 and two '06s, all 5-speeds, one of them only from a standing start, and the other two from a standing start and a roll. At the time my '01 A4 only had a K & N FIPK, and I won all those races pretty easily, pulled hard from a roll at higher speeds. An acquaintanance of mine recently bought one. He was anxious to run me.....when he thought my car was an LT1. After he learned it was an LS1, he changed his tune. LOL.

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    2002 ws6

    i'm pretty sure they guy i gotta race has headers too, so it will be interesting.
    and i have complete confidence in my driving abilities, so thats not an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodad View Post
    again, if you are running 13.7s then a stock GT with a driver who knows what he is doing should beat you at track. now, if a driver who knows what he is doing gets in your car against a stock GT, shouldn't lose. when i went to track last year, i didn't know anybody and i said to my buddy who owns a mach 1 and knows a lot of people that i wanted to run a stock LS1 and he knew a guy with a bone stock to paper 99 blue regular trans am and we only got a chance to line up once and i ran 13.64@102mph and he ran 13.8@104mph. I beat him.

    your car shoudnt lose to a stock GT but you may and if you do, don't be surprised, just work on your driver skills before mods and result will change.

    I respect you input, but did you even read what I said. I honestly don't see myself running a 13.7 if I was lined up beside a Mustang GT. Because I would bring my "A" game. Don't get me wrong, I always try my best -- but for some reason I do better when lined up with close or grudge match competitions.
    Close being other LS1s and Grudge matches like new model GTs.

    ALL 1/8 races below...
    I raced a LS1 with 4.10s and headers back exhaust, air lid, and shifter (no tune) and he beat me by 1/2 car (meaning my nose by his door)-- I brought my A game.
    I raced an Auto WS6 with tune (according to him), exhaust, dot slicks, and I won by a nose.
    I raced a c5 auto - I won by a nose.
    I raced several 05+ GT's and won by at least 1 car if not more.

    I don't think those cars all run slower or just a tenth of a second or so faster than me. I think I bring My A game -- If I had to guess I am probably running 13.3-13.5 easily when I have real competition.

    see my point?

    I think it is the competitiveness in me. Does anyone know what I am saying? I don't want to sound like a crazy man here.

    Doesn't anyone run better when they know they "better not lose". I.E LS1 vs Stock GT (any year)

    Again - I know based off the numbers you may win 9 out of 10 times, but based off my change in driving style or whatever it is, I think those numbers are far from right.

    But congrats on being able to run a Mustang GT @ 13.6 consistently -- that is very impressive.

    I have YET to see one break 14.0 (that was stock) -- I have probably seen 10 or so run.

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    I see what you are saying bro. and i totally understand. you got an 02 trans am. I don't see you losing to a stock GT too. anything can happens but that doesnt mean it is the truth. a bolts on GT can only hang with you IMO. i personally saw a bone stock auto 01 trans am ran 13.1-13.0 at byron dragway IL.

    thats true, ton of new GT drivers are in 14s stock. and that is embbarrasing!

    BTW: i ran best of 13.43@103mph with 1.95 60' stock to the tires and air filter

    here is a video of me running 13.6@93mph cuz i missed a gear and was surprised it was a 13.6 run. 1.93 on stock tires as well

    I really dont know how shot the video, i found it online

    an LS1 > any stock mustang GTs. I hope after i sell my cobra, i will buy an black LS1 WS6. i have to own one!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by big hammer View Post
    does a ported and polished throttle body make much difference?
    its about 6-8rwhp, helps a lot with throttle response
    M6, Lid, Ported and Polished Throttle Body (By Me!), LT, Custom Catted Y, Electric Cutout, PHB, LCA13.21@108 with a 2.3 60'

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