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A$$hole born every second, need help and or recommendations

This is a discussion on A$$hole born every second, need help and or recommendations within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; The day after i spent 3-4 hours fully detailing my ws6 and making it look as good as new, I ...

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    A$$hole born every second, need help and or recommendations

    The day after i spent 3-4 hours fully detailing my ws6 and making it look as good as new, I go to work and come out to find this.

    Some jerkoff hit my car, cracked, and chiped the paint on my front bumper and plate cover.

    I asked management at my work, they dont give compensation for an incident like this and there are no cameras in our parking lot. (I work at a gas station/convienience store). No one saw the car that couldve done it so there are no plates. There isnt enough damage for me to want to involve insurance because I dont want my bill to go up. So now i am stuck with paying for the repair. Its just cosmetic paint damage now physical damage so I just want to get the bumper resprayed. What reputable shop would be able to match the paint and do a good job. Im getting a quote from macco and collsion max are either of those a good choice?

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    personally, no. Id go to a shop based more on quality not quantity. Look for a shop that is not so much of a insurance claims place . if you want it done right your going to have to spend a little more but it will be worth it.

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    I know, hate it when it rains right after you detail your car

    But seriously sucks when that kinda stuff happens, some people just don't care, and don't maaco it. Ones around here do cheap work, i'd never take my car there

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    I know how you feal man a few days ago I was helping my friends mother move out of her house shes fallen on hard times and me and her son go back to kindergarden, when I came out I found a big ass dent in my left rear quarter luckly I hadent gone in for body work yet but shes in now and it doubled the cost of my repair, good luck I hope you can find a kick ass painter like the guy Im takeing mine to if they do it right youll never be able to tell

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    There are over a million ASSHOLES in the world and most of them live and drive in New Jersey.

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