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Check out this interview with Year One's Kevin King on Muscle Cars History, Market Trends, Drag Racing and Restoration Tips.Think of Year One as the Microsoft of the musclecar market. Just like every PC relies on Microsoft products to perform its daily functions, just about every restored musclecar has parts sourced from Year One in it. However, instead of pedaling overpriced junk that spontaneously goes berserk, Year One takes a different marketing approach. Its pervasive presence in the automotive aftermarket is attributable to the quality and diversity of the components it offers. While the company is best known for its restoration sheetmetal and trim, it has branched out into the performance market as well with a full line of high-performance engine, suspension, chassis, and brake components, as well as complete turnkey cars. Moreover, with events such as the Year One Experience, it has always made giving back to the hot rodding community one of its priorities.

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