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Would I regret not having t-tops?

This is a discussion on Would I regret not having t-tops? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; yes, yes you would miss them...

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    2001 Z28 Camaro

    yes, yes you would miss them

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    t-tops for camaros and hardtops for TA. having owned both body styles that is what i prefer.

    funny though im looking into a 98 ta ws6 that has t-tops. previously had both 1995 TA and z28 hardtops and loved 'em. my current ss has t-tops and love it too. hardtops are more rare and to some more desirible. i would love another hardtop lt1 ta hands down...
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    my T/A has them and my new Camaro doesnt and i dont miss them-dont get me wrong,i do like t-tops but the SS can only get the sun Roof and i'm not a fan of that at all

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    I wouldn't even consider buying another Camaro or Trans Am unless it had t-tops. That is, of course, unless it was a new 5th gen Camaro. In which case, it will be awhile before I can afford one so I am not even thinking about that.

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    I have a hard top and I couldn't be happier. Don't care for the ttops. I don't have to worry about not locking them, rain, leaks, etc...

    But don't get me wrong once or twice a year on a back ass road and a cool day I wish I had them for that hour!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 02Sweet View Post
    But don't get me wrong once or twice a year on a back ass road and a cool day I wish I had them for that hour!
    That's about as often as I use mine. I also use the shades quite a bit.

    But, I do like the fact that they are there if I want them. Especially at night. And, so far, I've had no issues with leaks and this past season has been the wettest we've had in many years.

    I would miss them

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