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Windshield Wiper Questions

This is a discussion on Windshield Wiper Questions within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; As soon as I bought my car, last july, i put new wipers on it. I drove it straight to ...

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    Windshield Wiper Questions

    As soon as I bought my car, last july, i put new wipers on it. I drove it straight to a garage to get it inspected, had them do it while i was there. And ever since, they've seemed to be not right.

    First of all, too long, about the last 2 inches on the end doesnt touch the glass at all, i thought maybe theyre just new and stiff, but its been a year, and no change. Secondly, they dont work very well at all....smear a lot. Thirdly, if i run them dry, after i turn them off, and they lay back down below the windshield, something makes a god-awful, nails on a chalkboard sound. I cant find anything rubbing on the glass anywhere, but it sounds like its coming from the tip of the driver side arm.

    Basically what I need to know is how long they need to be, and if a particular brand is good.

    Another question is about the washer, fluid only comes out of my driver side, and it sucks anyway, anyone have suggestions?

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    I got those wipers that contour to the windshield. Sizes should be in the book at walmart autozone etc etc.

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    I've ran a set of Bosch for the last 3 years and have had good results so far.

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