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windows starting to leak....

This is a discussion on windows starting to leak.... within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Our kit is something that might help you in this situation! In some cases is only because the window doesnt ...

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    Our kit is something that might help you in this situation! In some cases is only because the window doesnt fully close.

    Quote Originally Posted by bluefields88 View Post
    my passanger side window leaks some when it goes through a really intense auto-car wash. water kinda squirts right through. I figure part of it is due to my window motor starting to crap out.

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    i got the exact same problem, but it's only on my drivers side window. when there's enough strong water for a long enough period it leaks down and makes the whole driver's side carpet wet, which if not cleaned will soon make the car smell like mold/mildew. it's so f-ing annoying.

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    yep driver side leaks here .... it sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbb6811 View Post
    yes it does have a slight whistle at high speeds like you said i gotta be around like 80-90.

    as for the wheels..i got them from a local guy for 600 w/ tires.
    he had them on a ws6 and when he traded it they wanted the ws6 rims.
    the tires only had 1000miles on them. so you could say i stole them.

    i would try Ebay...OEM makes them for a reasonable price. it think you can get 2 18x9.5 for like $350 or so or a set(4)$?
    mine are 17x9.5 and i'm going to put SS caps on them soon. i think it will look better then vette caps. good luck!
    I'll buy those vette caps off of you when you get the SS's. I just have the bowtie caps on my Z...

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    Mine leaks too but only when I wash it with high pressure. It does not leak when it rains. It is annoying as shit.
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