Whipple Supercharger 383 Small Block Chevy Build - Whipple Stomp

Follow along with this engine build of a 383 small block Chevy as we install a Whipple Supercharger.Sometimes all you can do is stop and say, "Damn." That epithet was all I could manage as we fired up our newly Whipple-supercharged 383 small-block on Westech's engine dyno. As Steve Brul brought the force-fed mouse up to 3,100 rpm in preparation for a pull, the screen already showed 594 lb-ft of torque. Damn. And that was just our initial, cautious run. In short order we were trouncing that number, throwing down well over 700 hp in the bargain, and this with 91-octane swill and less than 10 psi of boost to boot. Suffice it to say that our stroker mule and Whipple Superchargers' new carbed small-block blower kit are a brute-force combination we totally dig.

Photo Gallery: Whipple Supercharger 383 Small Block Chevy Build - Chevy High Performance

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