As some of you may know, I've put a brand new LS6 crate motor in my car, and modded it with a Comp cam, Comp's double roller chain, Comp's heavy duty valve springs, and so on. Now the question. I have the above named items brand new in the Comp boxes, and the motor was never even started with them, so they are absolutely brand new. Now I know that a lot of people want to put big cams in their cars for HP numbers, but there are some people who are happy to pick up 35-40 HP with the Z06 cam and not have to re-program their cars, with the durability and the added strength of the LS6 cam chain, and springs. So what do you guys think is a fair price for all this stuff? I'll even throw in my old water pump that only had 1200 miles on it, INCLUDING a brand new SLP 160 stat!!!!

They put a new water pump on the new motor even though I told them it was a new pump...*sigh* Have you guys priced water pumps lately?