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What do you guys think about me getting an '00 SS

This is a discussion on What do you guys think about me getting an '00 SS within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Ok, let me first introduce myself. My name is Brian. I just finished college a year ago, and just last ...

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    What do you guys think about me getting an '00 SS

    Ok, let me first introduce myself. My name is Brian. I just finished college a year ago, and just last week finished the police academy here (which is nine months here). When I got out of college I needed a car and bought brand new cause I liked the whole warranty thing and whut not. So for the price/reliability/mileage/performance, etc, etc I bougth a Scion tC. It's been a GREAT car, but it's time to move on. I've always like performance cars and have been looking at terminator cobras and mach 1 mustangs as of late since i'm kinda a Ford guy. But recently my attention was turned towards the SS, which now that I see is cheaper, maybe a bit slower than those two but definately better/cheaper aftermarket support, and gas mileage is actually better (who cares about that though, right?). Well to make a long story short I recently found an "00 black SS near me for sale at a little dealer that happened to get one. Well, it's got an SLP lid, SLP catback, power everything, t-tops, 12 disc cd changer, 82,000 miles, and it's an auto. I really want a 6-speed, but when i saw the price of 11,905....I think i can change my mind. Well the only problems I saw/felt on the car were a small dent in the driver rear quarter panel, some normal rock chips, a whine coming from the rearend when on the gas (when i let off, sound went away, which makes me believe it's the fuel pump), and the headlights are all discolored and no longer clear. So questions are: 1. Is this a good deal with those few small problems? 2. What could the rearend noise be? the dealer guy said it's a common problem that always reoccurs even after a rebuild. and 3. What could be done about the headlights? would it be better to have someone clean them, or just buy a new set? Thanks for any input you guys have.

    P.S. I'm new to the forum, but not to performance. I really do want a 6 speed, but can definately live with the auto since either way these things are fast as hell. Just need to know if this is a good deal I shouldn't pass up. Considering my payments will be LESS than they are now, and insurance will be approx. the same.

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    keep looking. check blue book. the miles seem to be high for the price.
    you said that the sale guy said it is a common sound at the rear end after a rebuild. rebuild of what?

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    It's common for the whine to be there even after a rebuild of the 10 bolt rear.

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    I'd wait and see if he'd come down on the price some....

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    ya, I think i'm gonna call tomorrow and tell him that the fact that it is an auto, the miles, and the whine kinda bother me and besides that i'd get it. Maybe if you work a little bit on the trade in or price I'd get it.

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    I bought my '00 SS with 7500 miles for 16500, keep looking.

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