Westech Performance 496 Chevy Big Block Build - A Monster Is Born

Read about Westech Performance's engine build of a 496 Big Block with a Lunati crank and Wiseco pistons.We would like to think that all engines are created equally, only that's never the case, which is why it's so crucial to blend the right components together from the get-go. The old adage "There is no replacement for displacement" rings true-especially once you've taken into account the fact that we've got 496 ci of paint-can-sized bores and steamboat stroke. Nowadays, the price gap between a small-block and a big-block is minimal but the power output can be substantially greater when you've got more cubes on your side. So if you are going to go for it, what better way than with some major guts? Everyone gets their kicks at the sight of a chest-thumping big-block cradled on the dyno. Like the Buddhist statue you spot in people's houses, you can't help but want to rub its belly. To put it simply, they're just cool.

Photo Gallery: Westech Performance 496 Chevy Big Block Build - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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