I just could not wait any longer !

About 10 years ago I played hockey with a guy and since then he has built a auto repair shop. The weather was just not good here. I talked to my friend and he said he would install my LM 11 for $60.00. Well on friday I had him do it. It went well. Only problem was with clearance with top right brace
on an arm that goes the whole length of rear end. I sort of suggested he just bend the mounting brace on the LM 11 a little, he did that and problem solved !

I would have spent almost twice that amount on a saws-all alone.

I'm telling you one thing.

My friend is honest.

He is a hard worker.

Sort of the very thing this country was built on isn't it ?

If anyone is ever in Northen Lower Michigan and needs some work done, I can
tell you of someone who will do you good.

Well I like the sound of the LM 11, a lot .

I don't really see how anyone could get in trouble with this system.
O it makes a great rumble, deep throat sound, but if you see a police car or want to be not very loud, all you have to do is take it easy on the gas.

Now I do not have headers, and I have the original Y-pipe for now.

I do not plan on getting headers. Lets face it, these cars with too many mods will roast the A4, and don't even get me started on the weak
rear end...........

Well thanks to everyone who helped me with this project.

jess .........