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Uncamo'd new Camaro From GM

This is a discussion on Uncamo'd new Camaro From GM within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; the windows are what screws up the look. the side windows need to go down further and not be so ...

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    the windows are what screws up the look. the side windows need to go down further and not be so narrow, they cant have back side windows cuz fbodies neverhad them, only mustangs... the rear window needs to be longer and not so sedan-ish

    from the side it looks horrible. id have to see what the fron tof that looks like... from behind its ok i guess, but its just too fat. like the new mustang... way too fat. front end should be longer... meh... its not even a camaro. and dont tell me "well things have changed..." bullshit. dont take a camaro and make it look like shit again, likein the 80's, it will be horrible.

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    At this point all I can say is the Camaro looks like ass. Too fat lookin right now. The rear end is too fat lookin. It needs some serious adjustments in that area. It needs to 'lose weight' if you will. And get rid of those gay lookin reverse lights down there, or move them.

    They need to keep it closer to the prototype. Most people are going to want it to look almost identical to that.

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    If it looked just like the prototype I would be very happy. IMO the prototype is one awsome car. GM is just following the retro look thet Ford and Dodge are having such a huge success with-thats why it looks "fat" like the 1st gen camaros. I mean think about it-does a first gen look anything like a 4th gen? Not in my eyes. I would have really liked to have seen GM keep going with the 4th gen body style-making improvements and making it even more modern with a new LSX engine.

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