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Ugh... So much to do

This is a discussion on Ugh... So much to do within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Well, I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself... I'm Pete... currenlty deprived of my SS. I just moved to ...

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    Ugh... So much to do

    Well, I thought I'd stop by and introduce myself... I'm Pete... currenlty deprived of my SS. I just moved to Phoenix 2 weeks ago and had to leave my SS in WI. Lil history of it. Bought it from original owner in September 2002 with ~16,000 miles. He worked at a Chevy Dealer and factory ordered a Navy Blue base SS Camaro, ie- no leather, no power or cruise, no T-tops, but has the M6, Monsoon and A/C.

    I bought it as a second car and didn't do much with it. Previous owner added a Jet Chip to it. Best 1/4 I ran was a 12.95 (forgot speed) and that was with the a/c belt removed and bald stock tires at 44psi, lol.

    Accident #1- Left front and rear quater panel. Hit a deer at 12:30am pitch black doing 65 mph. Replaced LF headlight and brackets, LF fender, Bumper cover, fixed crack in hood, replaced 2 wheels (from swerving and curbing it) with 17x11 ZR1 style with BF street drag radials

    Shortly there after- Engine developes rod knock... Car is 5 mos out of warranty BUT 16,000 miles under. GM told me to shove it b/c the car was abused, lol.

    Oct 31, 2003- GM wont do anything about motor so I decide to drive (whoops to come) out to the shop I worked at 3 miles away and drop the motor out. Mind you, this is the only time I drove it after the rod knock (worked for a show with tow trucks and towed it to and from dealer). About 1/2 mile away from shop, 4 way 4 lane intersection... last stoplights and last time I had to stop, straight road and quick turn off to the bay door. Well, it was night, no cops in sight and just my buddy in his truck behind me as I sit at the REDLIGHT. What do you do when you know your motor is toast anyhow? What does green mean? Yup... lit up the 12.5" wide BF street/drag radials... spinning through the intersection, 2nd gear runs out, 3rd and through the interection other side and 3rd is winding out... CLATTER... BAM... clunk, clunk, clunk. I tell ya, those pistons and stuff hitting the bottom of the car made my feet think I had run over bolders, lol. 2 rods went thru the pass side of the block and one thru the driver side. I had enough speed up to kill everything with the key and just barely touch the brakes as I rolled up to the bay door. Oh, I ended up buying my friend a few car washes to get all the oil off his truck.

    Summer 05- by this point I had accuired a '00 GM longblock that oddly enough had the casting numbers of an LS6 block but LS1 heads. Had motor bored and punched, Eagle crank, Crower rods, Diamond pistons, CompCam, ported oil pump and new (double roller) timing chain. Installed an aquired Moser 12 bolt with 4.10's, BMR tourqe arm bar and panhard bar.

    Dec 31, 05- Anxious thoughts of not having my car for yet ANOTHER summer, stock LS1 intake (blocked off all emmisions) heads and TB go back on motor just to get the damned thing going. Had computer base tuned by SpeedInc and bought SLP loud mouth (ressonator) exhaust to match up to Hooker long tubes I aquired (someone owed me money, lol). Had the motor in and running after 18hrs straight and that included tearing it apart some to install CompCams valve springs. Running by 7:30pm and out driving for the NEW YEAR! MILAGE- 21,671

    Early March 06- After breaking motor in and more crappy winter weather I finally get a decent Sunday to drive. Some idiot cuts me off, from my left to dart over to exit right, on the free-way. Dove to the shoulder with full hooks and locked up rearend lets loose and swings out. It aimed me right for a guardrail and thats what I hit... twice. First, it peeled the bumper cover off and in it's "bite" smashed both headlights, cracked both fenders and messed hood up again. oh thats not all, it threw the front end back out and physics decided to put my left rear quater back into the rail for another bite out of the monster. Hmmmm, I never did get their plates.

    Current- Looking for PARTS!!! lol... I want my car back together especially seeing as how I'm in a State where I can drive it year round.

    Oh, if you have read this far... Thank you. Just giving everyone the history of my baby. (There is more like the front bumper cover got ripped off on delivery at the dealer while coming off the truck... swear to god my car is cursed) Oh, and a Phoenix is a bird who rises up from its ashes right? Irony. I wonder how many times I will fix it before... well, haha, can't say. Anyhow, I'm bored, this is way too long and I'll wait to post some good kill stories... Its not all about crashes, I swear ;-)

    And if you have any parts... check out my WTB please

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    wow thats crazy... hope you get it back together soon and spank some ricers

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