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This is a discussion on tune within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; whats the dif of a lab top tune from a dyno tune...

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    whats the dif of a lab top tune from a dyno tune

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    Both use a lap top computer and a specific program (HP Tuners is 1; there are many more) to recalibrate (tune) your PCM's operating parameters.

    A "dyno tune" also uses a dynomometer to test the effectiveness of the tune that was downloaded (through dynamic measurements at the rear wheels). This is why a dyno tune is more costly than a canned tune (similar to what Frost does). You've gotta pay for the dyno time in addition to the tune itself.
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    I had both doe. I had the car dyno tuned after the bolt ons. I ran rich as hell and got horrible mileage. Then my friend Terry who own a Vette shop I did some paint for tuned my car when I put the 3.73's since the shop that instatlled them(ARD in Houston, Stay away you don't get what youpay for> But I had hime check some VE tables and put a portable wideband and 1st he tuned off strickly knowledge and tuned my tranny whick was never originally doen. Instant difference. The bumped the timming leaned it a little more and tuned the tranny to shist a little faster and harder(not too much) and changed the shift points to 6K rpm. I raced my friends 6sp z28 with similar mods that used to walk on me and that didn't happen side by side from 50 roll to 120. I know I can take hime from a dig now. I can even run the Termi Cobra's as long as they eren't heavily modded. Walked a 2010 SS 6sp like nothing from 50 or so to 130 and won all 3. Plus I Went from 13 or 14 mpg to 20 or so mpg even with a 4 and 3.73's. SSo I would have a steet tune on the place that dyno tuned it they did it at WOT and guessing why it was too rich, Either find a local shop you trust or zi have heard good thinks about this Frost Tuning on here. I may have gone that route to save money since the car isn't a dd.
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