Trick Flow Cylinder Head Insight - CHP Insider

Check out Trick Flow and what it takes to design and manufacture high performance cylinder heads and which one is the best choice for your ride!Whether you want to admit it or not, more than a few Bow Tie racers have lined up against 5-point-slow Mustangs only to discover that they-on rare occasion-aren't actually all that slow. Chances are that in order to get their tiny 302s to run with the bigger 350ci competition, they probably had a set of Trick Flow heads under the hood. Although it entered the marketplace serving the needs of the dark side (where it earned a reputation for phenomenal out-of-the-box performance), Trick Flow has since brought the same venerable formula of budget-oriented horsepower to the Chevy faithful. Today the company offers a plethora of cylinder heads for big-block Chevys and all four generations of small-blocks. From raised-runner 23-degree small-block heads to oval- and rectangle-port big-block heads to monstrous 265cc LSx castings, Trick Flow's diverse product line runs the gamut.

Photo Gallery: Trick Flow Cylinder Head Insight - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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