Torque Converter Selection - CHP How It Works

Driveline Pros At TCI And Pro Torque Offer Hard-Hitting Insight On Torque Converter Selection & Design.For straight line guys, spending hundreds of dollars on something that doesn't give you any extra horsepower doesn't exactly seem like a good deal. Even a federal bean counter could figure that one out. Unless that money buys extra hook off the line, your suspicions of lameness are usually true. However, the one exception to the rule is a high-stall torque converter. Sticking one of these fluid-filled donuts between the engine and trans can often shave a half-second off your quarter-mile e.t.'s. It's all about maximizing power off the line, and nothing accomplishes this better than an optimized torque converter. By allowing a motor to freely rev to the fat part of its powerband almost instantaneously, instead of lugging along at low rpm where torque is at a premium, the result is blistering 60-foot times and phenomenal gains in acceleration. To put it succinctly, all automatic-equipped street machines and drag cars need an aftermarket torque converter.

Photo Gallery: Torque Converter Selection - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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