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Top speed

This is a discussion on Top speed within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I have an old article, (Yes another one) motor trend july 1995, Title; No speed limits, 12 cars tested for ...

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    Top speed

    I have an old article, (Yes another one) motor trend july 1995, Title; No speed limits, 12 cars tested for all out top speed.believe it or not a volvo station wagon, front wheel drive even,
    did 152.
    The 95 t/a did 157/ comments were the t/a wasn't the easiest to drive at this pace: well behavedin smoothest portions,inthe bumpiest sections hunted from side to side
    The z did 155 but only had 168 miles on the odom.( not boken in yet) The z was the least expensive to top 150

    The vette was the winner of the whlole shoot out at 167, Comments: vette was rock solid + confidence inspiring at 167.
    honda preload- 140
    saab turbo- 141
    mazda millenia-142
    mr2 turbo-144
    lexus sc400-147
    2 caddys-148
    volvo 850 wagon turbo-152
    nissan 300zx-154 hitting speedlimiter
    z/28-155 with 168 mi.on
    mitsubishi 3000 twin turbo-157
    toyota supra-157 hitting speed limiter
    mazda rx-7 twin turbo-160 With a (1.3 litre engine)
    Anybody know what the top speed of the 98 up car was rated at? Had the 95 z been broken in it should have been at least with the t/a's # at 157,so i would think the 98 up having more hp + I believe a more aerodynamic front end, should top 160 before any mods.Has anybody tried it?
    Other question would be, does the m6 have a higher top speed then the auto, not that it matters,just curious.
    Usually when they do these tests, like in the new vettes viper etc. its a manual trans.All the lt1's in this test were m6s.Some of the others were auto.

    Some cars that didn't make the 140 mph cutoff for the article were:
    mustang gt-135
    mustang cobra-138 but did after they duct taped up the nose of the car, + removed the air filter for more power, + it hit 140
    Impala ss-138
    taurus sho auto-135

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    The limiter on the LS1 cars (Camaro and T/A) is some where around 162-165. only if they came from the factory with Z rated tires.
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