I just ordered the slp underdrive pulley and flow pac cai for a 2001 z28 , automatic. What are your thoughts on these upgrades? I will also be putting on a magnaflow cat back. I also have the convertible which i know matters for certain underside bolt on mods.

Are there any tips for the installation of these mods? Anything to watch out for? I was told that boiling the underdrive pulley would help with the installation by expanding it and making it slide on more easily. It may also add that extra something to the old lady's stew.

I also have the general idea of what the free ram air mod is but is there a link for the instructions and any pictures?

What do you think about the specs for the 2010 camaro.the v6 is at 300 hp. I just hope that the roads don't fill up with them like the mustangs.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and tips.