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This is a discussion on Thoughts? within the Camaro / SS forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; get black wheels with a chrome lip. Originally Posted by Getzen_Guy the 99 z ended up like this that's one ...

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    get black wheels with a chrome lip.

    Quote Originally Posted by Getzen_Guy View Post
    the 99 z ended up like this
    Click for full size
    that's one big catfish

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAGGIN View Post
    I'm sensing a bit of jealousy labored hard to save up the money to purchase the car, he had his daddy buy it for him. Who cares. You will def appreciate your car a lot more than he might but in the end does it really matter how you got the car as long as you got them?....just two words: Grow Up!
    yeah obviously there is a bit of jealousy.. i will not deny that

    however, you're missing the point of the thread.. basically the original topic was of someone thinking i was someone else blah blah blah same car etc..

    basically the thread is over

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