Thermal Protecting Products - Power Wraps

Protect your engine from the excess heat with this guide on thermal products which includes wraps, straps, jackets and sprays.Heat saps power. There's no way around it. Apart from venting the engine compartment with unnecessary speed-holes along the hood, it's difficult to prevent heat from building up and cooking parts. Plus, once that heat soaks into the surface of your engine, power can fall off a tad, and if you've got a high-compression motor, detonation is going to be an issue as well. Given enough time, the baking can essentially disintegrate nearly everything in its path. Under the hood, plastic can become brittle like ice, colored AN fittings will lose their luster, and rubber lines will become fragile and eventually fall apart. The heat that penetrates the skin of the intake manifold can easily cause the once cold, dense air to become warm.

Photo Gallery: Thermal Protecting Products - Chevy High Performance Magazine

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